New Apprentice at Crataegus: Jarryd Bailey

In the summer of 2016 a visitor from Tasmania dropped into our studio for a visit. He spent a few hours with us, and asked if by chance there were any openings in classes the next couple weeks. As it happened, there was an unexpected opening and we were able to spend three days in a Seasonal session with Jarryd Bailey, from Hobart, Tasmania. At the end of the session he asked if there was a possibility of an apprenticeship.

After a year and half abroad busily buying an antique home and getting married, Jarryd arrived in early February 2018 to start his apprenticeship. He’s receiving a lot of cheering support from back home, I even got a note from a past professor telling me to be sure he got his homework in on time.

We’re learning heaps (a word we’re learning has many applications) about Jarryd’s past life in marine science and the culture and environs of Tasmania. We’re also learning to say Tassie, as his home island in southern Australia is nicknamed.

Jarryd has repotted and wired heaps of trees since arriving. When work is done Jarryd lives in the studio residence with Andrew Robson, who is in his second year here at Crataegus and is Jarryd’s sempai. It falls on Andrew to pass on many of the details of how we run the yard here. When I arrive in the morning the house never fails to have the odor of a gourmet breakfast the two of them have cooked an hour before, which occasionally I get to sample as they are going out to start cleaning the yard.

So far we like Jarryd heaps—if you come visit he’s the ruddy haired fella with a quick smile and a perceptive view on life.





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  1. Looking forward to meeting Jarryd and catching up with Andrew and yourself this fall at Rendezvous.

  2. Don G Erickson says:

    Congratulations Jarryd! You are in good hands and will be affored heaps of opportunities and learning experiences!

  3. Alan Thompson says:

    You couldnt have picked a better person to add to the Crataegus tribe, Michael. Jarryd and Andrew are two of my favorite people, and you too, Ofcourse!

  4. The Bonsai Society of Southern Tasmania ( is very proud of our younger and somewhat itinerant member Jarryd.

  5. gary croft says:

    Taswegians are a breed all their own. And as my forebears are also from that neck of the wood
    over in St Marys and Mangana, not to mention Hobart. I know that Jarryd will have a slant on life
    that very few possess
    I wish him well all the way from Melbourne
    Gary Croft. Caulfield South Vic

    Sent from my iPad

  6. I still have one of Jarryd’s trees that he had to sell before moving to Tassie. Good to see you on the up and up Jarryd!

  7. Marian Woodall says:

    Go Tassie! Good luck Jarryd, what a great master, you’ll learn heaps!!


    Marian Woodall (Victoria)

  8. endsurg says:

    Good to have you in the Portland bonsai community, the best in the world. I look forward to meeting you.

  9. Symon Dworjanyn says:

    Hey Jarryd, I will gladly switch places and become the student when you return…get that homework in on time, I think that Micheal might be a hard ass (arse for those in the Southern Hemisphere).

  10. Jeffrey Robson says:

    Karen and I had a great long Easter Weekend with Michael, Andrew, Lincoln and Jarryd. We enjoyed cooking everyone an Easter dinner and frequenting our favorite Milwaukie eateries with them. By the way Karen loves his accent. Good thing we’ve been married 41 years or I’d be jealous. Have a great time Jarryd you’ve chosen a great place and one of the best to continue you bonsai education.

  11. Dan says:

    Well done mate! Beats weighing fish or looking at recycling!

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