Old Project Revisit and New Project Teaser…

This massive Ponderosa pine was repotted this week into its first bonsai pot. It had been in a box for about 6 years so the root growth was pretty impressive. We’d grafted it with Black pine a few years back.

This photo is from 2015, perhaps some of you remember this, it was a graft that got out of hand and I had to bend it with a jack.

And this was this week, taking the beast out of the box and putting it into a pot…

Potted but not styled. We’ll revisit this one another day.

And this is our teaser photo…a Shore pine. The grin on Andrew’s face tells the truth, we had a hoot of a time with this one. But it’s pretty hard to make out what our plan was here, so we’ll do a full post on it next week…

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  1. i bet i know what you are going for there with that shore pine… because i have an engelmann that i am sending in the same direction… well, 2 contiguous directions that is… now, if yours ends up going into the same container idea i have in mind, then theres a leak in security on my end !!! LOL

  2. Ray says:

    Nice tree there Michael and good roots, what did you use for repot mix? it looks like akadama and pumice.
    i’m looking forward to the next on the tree Andrew is holding.

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