Holiday Bonsai Video-

…well, it’s not really about the holidays, but this video is in celebration of something…

It’s Bonsai Empire‘s 15th year anniversary, and they cooked up the idea of having bonsai experts answer your questions in videos…there are nearly 30 of them, and every day this month a new one is being posted on YouTube.

The question I received was from the United States:

What are the top ten things we used to do in bonsai, but have since learned better? Or, in a slightly different vein, what are the things that John Naka was wrong about?
Naturally, the last part of this is a contentious issue, but the first part frames a very good question. This was my answer:

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  1. Schmidtjm says:

    Fantastic video! The more that I learn about bonsai, the more that I can appreciate what was said. Four years ago, I wouldn’t have had a clue.

  2. Lance says:

    Lovely video and thanks, as always for your time!!

  3. dencurrob says:

    Mr. H, very helpful info (even though you previously shocked some of us in writing of the evils of pinching) Don’t pinch, never pinch, don’t do it! But I read to do it. Never mind…don’t pinch! OK…OK

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