As Above, So Below-


  1. Deborah Mertell says:

    Michael, I find the symbol very moving. You have shown it before and may I ask where did you find it?

    • crataegus says:

      Actually a friend offered that to me originally, but I think it’s Hermetic in nature, which—before that—has some roots in the Vedic world. Beyond that I don’t know!
      I think about it often– has some broad ‘applicability’…

  2. Al Polito says:

    Aside from all the associations with the inner and outer life of a human, it works well to describe roots and foliage. Fine-grained soil, fine roots -> fine twigs.

  3. Deborah Mertell says:

    It does seem old, tribal maybe but yes, Hermetic fits. I thought possibly a new grafic by an artist friend. Whateva, I just LIKE. As a bonsai enthusiast it speaks of a connection to more than a potted plant.

    • crataegus says:

      Yes, that Hermetic view was pretty interesting stuff, very inclusive, somewhat modern for its time, one of those I’ve always wanted to investigate out of pure curiosity. tattoo is a great idea! just make sure no weirdo copyrighter makes claim to your skin, then…

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