Bonsai Focus juniper styling—

In April of 2009 Bonsai Focus editor Farrand Bloch flew me down to California for a photo shoot at Boon Manakitivipart’s place. Boon was very generous in supplying the tree.  I had a couple hours to study it, and then the cameras came out. Here are a few photos from that day (but for the full article be sure to see the magazine, BF 1/2010):

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  1. Scott Tice says:

    Nice work Mike!

  2. Dannon says:

    I just got this issue. Good job the tree came out great… Now who gets the tree. you or boon 🙂

  3. crataegus says:

    Tree’s in my yard!

  4. Graham Hues says:

    Wow Mike that’s a great transformation. Would love to see you perform your magic on one of Anton’s Hm, maybe this summer?
    Cheers Graham

  5. xwires says:

    Well done!

  6. andrew kasper says:

    Do you have any updated photos of the tree?

  7. Al Polito says:

    I’m thinking if you cut off the erect jin coming off the trunk, and the low part of the cascade, you’d have a jazz-saxophone-style cascade bonsai.

  8. Grant says:

    That’s a great observation Al. We need to stop him before the sax becomes a clarinet!!

  1. […] Michael styled the Western juniper below in 2009 for Bonsai Focus. I happened to be around that day and was impressed to see how quickly the tree took shape. Here’s an overview of the article, A Cascading Juniper Created by Michael Hagedorn. […]

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