Choosing the Front: Old Collected Trees

Choosing the Front: Old Collected Trees

How do we choose a front on an older, collected tree? A few tips: Keep an eye out for fronts that show a trunk line that is not an S curve Use the special features of the tree; this might be unusual movement, shari, live vein, jin, old branch, cavity, or even bark Be willing […]

Rocky Mountain juniper cascade styling–

I had a comment on another juniper post this month that the finished tree looked like a pronghorn antelope… which was pretty apt I thought, and yet that name could well go for this one, too. It’s a Rocky Mountain juniper collected a few years ago by Randy Knight and purchased from Ryan Neil, and […]

Another Yamadori Rocky Mtn. Juniper–

This juniper has been growing in my backyard for a year. It’s a client tree, another of the great native yamadori that was collected by Randy Knight of Oregon Bonsai. Junipers don’t like to be repotted very early, they do better when repotted in late spring when it’s warmer. So this tree, which is in […]