Photo Gallery of Visit to Japan-

Photo Gallery of Visit to Japan-

This month I took a brief trip to Japan… …I was at my teacher’s place in Obuse, Nagano for most of the time, so many of these photos are from his garden…the rest are of the village of Obuse…the surrounding mountains…and there are one or two shots from Tokyo, where I found a bag and […]

Matt, Tyler, and Bobby in Japan-

Part II of our trip to Japan earlier this month…

Japanese Shows

Here are photos of bonsai I worked on that were accepted into the bonsai shows in Japan during my apprenticeship: the Kokufu-ten, the Sakufu-ten, and the Taikan-ten. Kokufu show #80 – 2006 Chochubai flowering quince (left),¬†Ezo spruce (right) Red pine. You may notice several different stylistic approaches in the bonsai on this page. Only about […]