A bunjin Ponderosa pine gets a new look-

A bunjin Ponderosa pine gets a new look-

Here’s a photo essay of a Ponderosa pine styling that we did last month with a few Seasonal students- The pine after some cleanup on the deadwood, but before doing anything else. The next three photos are each turned another 90 degrees. This was our favorite front. Avoiding the long slow curves, the trunk comes […]

Time to Decandle your Black Pines-

Those pines that can be de-candled (de-shooted, de-foliaged—chose your favorite term) include Japanese Black pine, Japanese Red pine and a few of the less often decandled but sometimes very vigorous trees like Scots and Pitch pine. It’s nearly the last week or two for decandling in many temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in […]

Bunjin Ponderosa Pine Styling

This was a demo tree at a convention a few years ago. My client has been keeping it healthy and it’s been budding back quite well, and we decided it was ready for a rewiring. I’ve been surprised how well Ponderosa develops here in the Northwest. When I first moved here in 2006 I assumed […]

Brief History Of A Ponderosa Pine

The client who owns this pine is a cribbage player, and after noodling trees during the day we retire to the kitchen table where he proceeds to lesson me in cribbage, usually with shocking losses. The styling of this pine dates from the very first visit to his house¬†when we discovered our common interest in […]