A Juniper Orchid (to go with our Pine Orchid…)

A Juniper Orchid (to go with our Pine Orchid…)

Some of you might remember a quirky Shore Pine that we put on a post in 2017, calling it the first Pine OrchidĀ in the yard. Yesterday this juniper was styled, and it hangs on the neighboring post that supports the shade cloth structure (thank you Bobby Curttright). The juniper is a bit of a Frankenstein: […]

Juniper Grafting- Curious Results

This was interesting and seemed worthy of sharing. This tree, owned by a client, was originally Rocky Mountain juniper. It had some of the worst scale infestation that I’ve ever seen, the Rocky Mountain foliage was so covered with it that it looked nearly white from a distance. When we decided to graft on it […]

Shohin Itoigawa juniper—

This little juniper was imported some years back through Brussel’s Bonsai. Itoigawa can grow for years with juvenile foliage before gaining the metabolic confidence to grow scale foliage again. Don’t cut too hard on them! And always leave lots of tip growth. This client’s tree was fun to work on. Hope you enjoy the photos—