Spruce On Nylon Board

The day after my Seasonal students left I was so intrigued by what we had done with the Mountain Hemlock from last week’s post that I put this Engelmann spruce on a plastic slab as well. While the first day with five students it had taken all day to figure out, I did this one […]

Three Years Of A Spruced Up Engelmann

Three Years Of A Spruced Up Engelmann

This Engelmann spruce was originally owned by a guy up in Seattle and I suspect it grew in a mica drum pot for a couple decades. Collected in the Cascades many years ago, it has nice flaky, mature bark and sports a healthy community of lichen up and down the main trunk. It was growing […]

Engelmann spruce styling–

I really like Engelmann spruce. It reminds me so much of Ezo spruce, which my teacher had a love affair with in Japan and so they were quite a few of them in his collection. I think spruce have a very quiet feeling, like a snowfall. It’s tempting to look for big gnarly trunks with […]