Crataegus Bonsai garden’s offerings include teaching, client services, and inspiration.

In Japan, a bonsai professional is considered to be one who styles and maintains trees owned by clients. This was my training, and it remains one of the most rewarding of my services in the United States. It was a great honor to work on some of the best trees in the world while an apprentice in Japan, and it is a goal of mine to see the bonsai here reach that same high level.

But bonsai is not just for those wanting to study it, or looking to hire a professional. Bonsai is for everyone. If you wish to experience bonsai, I invite you to contact me for a garden visit.

Styling and Refinement

Along with sharing by teaching, creating and maintaining bonsai gives me great joy. I frequently have bonsai dropped off at my studio for styling, rewiring, or detailing for an upcoming show. I also work on private collections on site.


A Rocky Mountain Juniper, before reworking. I collected and initially styled this tree years ago, and now is owned by a client.


And the juniper after. This was prep work for the 2016 National Show.


The Seasonal Program is intended for students of any level of background, who are willing to travel to study bonsai at a high level, and to spend a few days working on my trees as an apprentice would. Please see the page devoted to that program:

And then I am available for Private Instructionwhich offers more flexible scheduling.

Discounted rates are available for those who are financially limited.


I offer my bonsai yard as a no-fee sanctuary for those who have experienced recent loss or trauma and wish to be around trees. Some light bonsai activities are available on request.


Advice on the direction of a bonsai or a collection. Also inquire about phone consults.


Lectures, demonstrations and workshops to organizations nationally and internationally.


Michael Hagedorn


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