Repotting Old Chojubai

Every few years Chojubai need repotting. And for Chojubai, the size of the pot often determines when that is. This specimen is like many Chojubai in larger pots—they can waltz along for years without getting root bound. In a small pot they will tighten up in 2-3 years. But in a large pot they can […]

Fall Steps: Winter Hazel and Chojubai

This week’s photo essay features three young plants in development, a Winter Hazel and two Chojubai. A young Winter Hazel, left to grow all year. About 13 years old. Still building information into the trunks and branches by wiring and pruning. Faisal wiring the Winter Hazel in a Seasonal session. A single yellow flower bud contrasts […]

Repotting Chojubai in Summer

Ten years ago I had several articles about Chojubai translated from Japanese magazines. In one of them a professional reported his preference for repotting in summer. I was surprised and a bit skeptical. Having since experimented with repotting Chojubai at various times of the year, I agree that this small quince does respond marvelously to summer […]

Pruning Young Chojubai in Summer ~

The last post was about energy balancing older shrubs, using a Chojubai as our example. Here is a younger Chojubai, in a large training container, and to balance it requires a different approach. Early summer is a good time to cut extensions back on developing Chojubai. If vigorous you can cut them twice, once in […]

Focus on Fall Pruning: Chojubai

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the endearing and rambunctious flowering shrub Japanese Flowering Quince, ‘Chojubai’. It grows vigorously, flowers well, and stays small. And it’s a good subject for fall work overview. Old Chojubai in the fall Often we are laser focused on our bonsai when they are growing…and then as vaporously […]

East meets West: Chojubai on Riding Spur

This is a Japanese Flowering Quince Chojubai presented on a Western riding spur. ‘Presented?’ ‘Held’? ‘Lofted’? ‘Attached’? One might argue the proper term, but the riding spur was found on a hike in the Arizona mountains about 20 years ago, after falling off someone’s boot decades before. I’ve dragged it around everywhere I’ve lived, figuring […]

How To Develop A Chojubai-

Last week I was flipping back and forth between old photos and newer ones to see how a Dwarf Flowering Quince ‘Chojubai’ bonsai has changed. Just to take six years in the life of this old fella, from 2012 to 2018, one can see a difference in the ramification. The first photo looks uninspiring, old […]

If your Chojubai does this, don’t worry…

‘Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…’ And your Chojubai is losing its leaves. And you are freaking out. Well, maybe don’t. In the middle of summer, right around now, your ‘Chojubai’ dwarf flowering quince will yellow and drop off half its leaves. For most things, this would be a weird time of year to lose […]

Chojubai Notes: Part 4— Pots for Chojubai

Being a thin-trunked bonsai, most Dwarf Flowering Quince ‘Chojubai’ would naturally make us think, ‘Shallow pot!’ but we’d be just causing grief to our tree… …or shrub. Because that’s really the crux of the matter. Chojubai is a shrub, a fact which influences everything about its care and maintenance, including pot choice. You’ve probably noticed […]

Chojubai Notes: Part 3—Why is my Chojubai weak?

Few plants come without a puzzling issue or two. For ‘Chojubai’ Dwarf Flowering Quince, the most serious issues are in the roots. Chojubai are strong plants that will normally extend 6” (to 18″) per growth surge. If this is not seen, then be on the alert. A weak tree will not make typical extensions in […]