New Blog Posting Day: Monday!

Just a brief note today—I’m moving my postings to Monday morning rather than Friday morning.

I am hopeful some of you will support my confirmation bias that Monday is a superb time to post. Because it works better with my schedule. And naturally I seek evidence that my schedule aligns with a frustrated readership wondering why it took me so long to figure out a thing so simple and full of good that fireflies and bobble toys pale in comparison.

Long story short there’s nothing in these last 34 words that’s about bonsai, but please expect bonsai words early Monday morning (in North America, that is…high noon in the EU…and seriously late in the land of Eucalypts (hi Jarryd!))

So. More soon.


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  1. Ayla H Baha says:

    Monday is great! Start of the work week with wisdom from you!

  2. Don Erickson says:

    Love your posts🥰 I agree, What a better way to start my Bonsai week than an inspirational reading and tips from you. Remember years ago when you were still apprenticeship in Japan and you brought your parents to Salem for your presentation to the Willamette Valley Bonsai Society. Loved that first presentation as well as you sense of humor. Have enjoyed both of your books and the information you continue to share with all of your followers‼️ Thank you.

  3. Ray says:

    Hahaha change is good.

  4. Grant R says:

    Michael – I think Monday is a great idea. I feather in some blog posts and listen to podcasts all week long during my walks and other activities. Weekends can get busy so I don’t often check my technology communications as diligently. Plus, if I learn something during the week, I can shop for the material and have it to work on for the weekend. Just a few thoughts 😊

  5. Bruce Williams says:

    Sorry Michael, I must respectfully disagree… fireflies do not pale in comparison. Fireflies are one of the few, truly magical things left in our world.

  6. TRAILBLAZER says:

    “I’m moving my postings to Monday morning rather than Friday morning”. Okey, I will take note of this change you made.

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