~ 9th World Bonsai Convention ~

I was thrilled to be asked to be the North America region representative at the 9th World Bonsai Convention convention in Australia. And then equally dismayed when Covid punted it down the road one year. Then two years. And I ended up NOT taking a trip to the mysterious Perth that friends said had so many plant and animal endemics that my head would spin. Sadly it’s not spinning, I’m not there, BUT, the good news is you don’t need to be either. We can all take part in this unique online convention in our living rooms.


While I almost never do demos any more, I enjoyed the several-part demo I did for this convention, filming various seasonal work on one tree over several months in my studio. That demo will be live today. When you log in the time will automatically set to your location. Perth Australia is UTC +8. (Where I live in western North America that’s tonight, Friday Oct. 14th 2022, at 7:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time.)

If you miss my demo launch don’t panic. You don’t have to be on time to watch any of the demos, actually—there’s unlimited replays for all participants. But do join us tonight, if you can! Right after my demo finishes I’ll do a Question and Answer. (For reference, the Q & A is at 7: 30 pm PDT tonight, Oct. 14th 2022, for western North American viewers.) Please come with your niggling thoughts!

The other presenters giving demos are my teacher Mr. Shinji Suzuki, Hugo Zamora, Soek Ju Kim, Tony Bebb, Mauro Stemberger, Ravindran Damodar, Jonathan Cain, Zang Zhigang, and Nacho Marin.

Note: please aware that you can sign up and watch on demand until Oct. 30th, 2022. Sign up for the 9th World Bonsai Convention.

October 2022 Bulletin Board

  • Winter Seasonal dates are up! February 2-4 and February 23-25. Join us for all the ins and outs of repotting!

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