9-Year Accent Plant Time-lapse

Accent plants change, sometimes dramatically, over time. And, sometimes, we have nothing to do with it. 

Long ago I planted a marsh plant, Juncus, in a pot. Over 9 years three other plants blew in from seeds and spores, and took over—Violet, Speedwell, and Lady Fern. Now no Juncus remains.

The mounding seen in this video is all root growth. The accent hasn’t been repotted in over 10 years.

Enjoy the time-lapse video ~ https://youtu.be/QjQ0XWa6LFA

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  1. Philip Krieg says:

    Are your plants on an irrigation system or do you hand water each?

    • crataegus says:

      These are hand watered. Many accents have similar water needs and an automatic watering system can be used. Clumping accents according to watering needs can work.

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