The Crataegus Garden by Drone-

When Bonsai Empire shot a new online educational course here this spring, we used a drone to film the garden. I’d never seen it from that vantage.

The third clip on this video arrested me—from high up, the garden layout is exactly as I’d sketched it 13 years ago, in pencil, on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper (super high-tech, I know. We strive to be leaders here at Crataegus Bonsai.)

On filming day the bonsai were brought out from their winter quarters. That’s why the benches are half full. The good news is no trees (or drones) were harmed in the filming of this.

Thanks to Oscar Jonker for the footage and Mike Lane for the original music. Hope you enjoy.

April 2022 Bulletin Board: 

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  1. I wish mine was 1/10th as organized and gorgeous, seriously beautiful work space.

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