The Winter Seasonal-lite Launches Soon-

In 2020 we created the Seasonal-lite online series to teach folks far away in this strange leap year. We’ve finished three online courses so far—the Spring, Fall and Wild for Accents Seasonal-lites (which we’ll be offering again this year, too).

These have been a hoot to teach. They’re interactive and are led by me in real time through Zoom. The intricacy of these courses made me grateful for the help of my younger apprentices who wade more confidently into such waters. 

The Winter Seasonal-lite is the new course. This new one focusses on the technical and design tangles inherent in repotting, with a fair sprinkle of other topics.

If you have time, join us, make some new friends! We’ve had folks from Australia, South Africa and Costa Rica join in. 

Read some testimonials and sign up for the Winter course, coming in early March: Seasonals

While we don’t have a wonky trailer for the Winter version yet, try our earlier ones. They’re even fun to watch twice ~ 


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