BONSAI WIRE Podcast is Now Live!

We hope you’ll check out Bonsai Wire, our new podcast which is now searchable on podcast apps.

Rather than a single viewpoint, Bonsai Wire is hosted by four professionals who cover topics in roundtable fashion and interview others for their viewpoints, too. Three episodes are available already, including our Introductory session, a roundtable about Curating a Backyard Collection, and our first guest, Colin Lewis, who tells some amazing stories.

Our hosts are Jonas Dupuich, Andrew Robson, John Eads, and myself. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Grant R says:

    I’m signed up & looking forward to it – great!!!

  2. Peter Brolese says:

    Hi Michael, the podcasts are so enlightening. It feels like I am back at your kitchen table during a seasonal session (minus the Quaker meeting house moments).

  3. chasebonsai says:

    Michael, I am up on you, have all ready listened to Introductions and Curating collections, have enjoyed. Also listen to Ryan and Bjorn, I listen to podcasts and music, jazz, classical while I’m working. Good luck with the new adventure I’m sure to be a lot of fun, I enjoy listening to old friends and see what the new people are like. Chase


  4. Tom Kruegl says:

    Didn’t know Colin had such disdain for East coast bonsai. 😎He is his usual acerbic self!
    Studied with him a few times. We had a blast! I’d like to go blow some leaves for him!

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