A Perfect Time for Creativity-

The first album of The Bonsai Rappers, featuring John Eads, Andrew Robson and a few of their friends will not be released, now or ever. But just in case you were wondering, this would be what the jacket cover would totally look like~

Bonsai Rapping aside, this is a good time to stretch our creative wings in the backyard, and also to learn. Many have unexpected free time to explore bonsai. If this is you, please take advantage of the range of offerings in the bonsai community that won’t make you travel anywhere, with videos, podcasts, and books from many practitioners, including those from Crataegus Bonsai, detailed below:

March 2020 Bulletin Board:

—In the past I’ve helped people with online consulting on their trees and collections. While that will continue, this spring I’m also developing a ‘Seasonal-lite’ online experience, which will be interactive and involve a group conferencing app, to serve as an interlude until people can travel freely again. This will be offered to anyone—past students, present students, newcomers—please write crataegusbonsai@gmail.com for details. This will be available beginning in May 2020, and won’t involve any rap.

—Also for the online curious, take a look at the 50+ minute Facebook Live Q&A on Bonsai Empire that we did on March 25th, if you haven’t already. Many great questions asked (and hopefully answered) that morning. It’s still available to watch on Bonsai Empire’s Facebook page, which is really far away (they’re over in Holland) but within easy reach by your computer.

—Still a few scant days left in the pre-sales offer of my new book Bonsai Heresy: 56 Myths Exposed Using Science and Tradition, save $5.00 on your order from Stone Lantern. Pre-sales end March 31. Support your raging reading needs. Have fun. Learn something.

—The August / September Bonsai Heresy book tour is currently in a holding pattern until travel and health advisories for that period become clearer; we’ll keep you in the loop.

Stay courageous everyone. Be safe.

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  1. Rodger Kessler says:

    Michael, I am absolutely in on the on line seasonal… brilliant! Rodger

  2. Linda May says:

    Thank you for the info. I’m just finishing Post-dated and looking forward to Heresy.
    I’m in the process of repotting a bouganvilla know around here as the Hag! It was a tree you worked on when you were in Corpus Christi. She had a hard winter but will resurrect again.

  3. John A Bishop says:

    Michael, Your book sounds great. Are you planning a digital version. I am vision impaired and printed material is not as much fun to read but digital allows me to manipulate the font.

    Enjoy tour e-mails. John John A Bishop JohnAB@comcast.net


    • crataegus says:

      Hello John, currently there is only the printed version, someday I will do a digital. I was very clear however with my designer that we needed an easy to read book, and so the font type and size are generous that way. I hope it will suffice for your needs, apologies for the time being that we don’t have a digital version—

  4. Wayne Schoech says:

    Good morning Michael

    We just blew past 400 yesterday and I think we’re at 410 at this early AM moment

    Anyway, we are swamped and systems are straining so we’ll leave it at that

    Call me when you get a chance and good luck with your online teaching

    Be well and enjoy the spring (ground is still frozen here, but we just saw our first robin. Seems early)


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