Introducing Andrew Robson: New Apprentice

Only a couple weeks out of graduate school, Andrew Robson began his apprenticeship at Crataegus Bonsai in Portland. He’s been here since June 2016.

Andrew’s background is in music, with a Master’s degree from the Yale School of Music. While in school there he performed at the New York Philharmonic’s New Music Biennial, among other notable performances. He was also a teaching artist in Yale’s Music in the Schools Initiative, which works to provide great music to inner-city students.

We usually have music in the studio. While working in the studio one day, I noticed that Andrew was making pruning cuts right on the beat. He said ‘Oh yes, I always cut on the beat. You cut on the beat about half the time.’ I’ve a lot to learn, apparently.

In addition to his apprenticeship duties, Andrew has been the Director of the Portland Bonsai Village since his arrival here, which is a great fit with his background in outreach and not-for-profit organizations. He has been actively organizing a Village board and new programs, so stay tuned for those on the Portland Bonsai Village website. Andrew’s energy, ideas, and enthusiasm make him a welcome addition to bonsai in Portland.

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  1. Does Andrew cut on the 1 and the 3, or the 2 and the 4?

  2. Wood says:

    Sir Hawthorn, a great addition indeed!

  3. Martin Rosen says:

    Better to pay him than feed him, welcome

  4. Brain Cairns says:

    Congratulations Andrew. Looking forward to seeing you in the bonsai community.

  5. That’s awesome Andrew, congratulations brother

  6. Don G Erickson says:

    Welcome to the great Northwest. Don’t put that warm coat away yet!

  7. Mike Saul says:

    Congratulations Andrew…you’re livin’ the dream!

  8. Bill McKenna says:

    Met you at Michael’s garden a few months ago looking over my Pondersoa pines. Had no idea I was in the presence of such an accomplished individual. Good Luck.

  9. Enjoyed meeting Andrew in Olympia. Great addition to the Bonsai community. Welcome

  10. Bibi Alena Amador says:

    Hi I’m looking forward for some tips of yours I’m a neophyte in bonsai making. I love it. I am a teacher, and it’s my hobby,thanks.

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