The Garden of Crataegus Bonsai in New Video-

Blogger Oscar Jonker of Holland came to my garden during the Artisans Cup and made this video interview. We walked around the yard and talked about a handful of the trees. He spent quite a bit of time with this, and I was delighted with the product. And, to many of my students who have chastised me for being invisible on the web, at least in video format, here’s a step in the direction of visibility… A big thank you Oscar and Bonsai Empire for creating this! Enjoy-


  1. Cindy Rodkin says:

    Hi remember us ? love the video! great to see you again you look well. take care and hope to see you see you again.

  2. Robert West says:

    Very nice youtube video is your garden open to the public?

  3. Bruce Winter says:

    Wonderful video! Thank you Oscar!

  4. Dino Abrams says:

    I had to give up bonsai about 20 years ago, I had been growing & studying the art from the early 70’s through the boom years of bonsai in the UK. I’m still fascinated & keep an eye on what’s happening in the world scene. I love what you are doing & it’s great to see your trees. Keep up the good work

  5. Ray Norris says:

    hi Michael, beautiful video of your bonsai garden. love it!!
    thank you Bonsai Empire

  6. Ruth Anderson says:

    Inspiring to see what you have done in so few years.

  7. Aykut A. says:

    I know that some bonsai instructors are writing excellent blogs but they are invisible on the videos.
    I know every single tree in their collection, but never even heard their voices.

    You were like one of them to me, until now. 🙂
    You’re really talented and warm in front of the camera and i liked to see you telling, as much as i like to read your writings.
    So, hope to “see” you more. 😉

  8. Awesome video! I had a question regarding an older post you had that disappeared. What to do with White Pines in the fall, did it get deleted?

  9. Lance says:

    Lovely video and garden. Maybe next time they can do a special on your collection of chojubai!!!

  10. Graham says:

    Excellent way of giving us a tour of your garden, your work and bonsai philosophy. Many thanks to you and Bonsai empire …..hope to see more in the near future. Cheers

  11. van says:

    You wicket monk you, mentioning interrelationship in the video again. Just finished reading your book, mentioning of inter-being brought me to tear knowing that Thay does not do too well for almost a year. To live fully in sprit of Zen, it takes knowledge and intention. I see your intention and knowledge in your trees, and deep spirit of Zen in you.

    • crataegus says:

      Well…I’m not a Buddhist, and writing Post-Dated took a lot of research, really. But Thay is inspirational, and one of the few I could understand. Zen is a puzzle for sure. Thanks for the kind comments.

  12. Bruce Winter says:


  13. Sage Smith says:

    Very nice video Michael. Thanks for taking the time to make it for the bo said community. What a pleasure to see a snapshot of your garden. I haven’t received a post from you or Jonas in months in my inbox but luckily I checked my junk mail and found lots of great posts that I had to catch up on. Thanks again

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