Potters! The National Bonsai Pot Competition looms!

Attention Bonsai Potters! Submit your work!

The revitalized National Bonsai Pot Competition is this spring. The visionary event is spearheaded by Ron Lang and Sharon Edwards-Russell, and promises to show us what wizardly potters have been doing in the realm of bonsai ceramics in the last decade.


Attn: Wrong Potter. The potters we want have a wheel, not a snitch.

The deadline is now looming, so those who don’t make pots, definitely heckle your potter friends to submit their best. Also consider coming to the reception and awards presentation at the National Arboretum, which will open the exhibition on Friday evening June 12, 2015.

The submissions cutoff date is March 21, so you have, as of this writing, only a wee bit of time to make the world’s most fantastic bonsai container, and, hopefully, get around to firing it before the guillotine drops.

Also, there are some monetary prizes to be handed out, somewhat discriminatorily. That’s where the judges come in. Sara Rayner, Deborah Bedwell, and myself will be deciding which pots win.

If you don’t know what the half dozen styles of pot categories are for the competition, then you definitely have some reading to do. For further information and to apply for the competition, please visit:


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  1. stonemonkey1968 says:

    I wish i could enter but in the UK sadly

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