Gary Wood Seminar

My apprentice Bobby Curttright and I were looking forward to this all month! Long time friend Gary Wood came west to share his tree wizardry with us in a seminar last weekend. I always thought his last name was a karmic promise…

Gary’s knowledge of trees, their inner workings, and how they respond to stimuli including sharp bonsai implements is nothing short of encyclopedic. And he’s an inventive, nearly prophetic thinker. For one, his own observations had him almost ten years ahead of the research on the role of auxins and sugars in determining plant growth.

A dozen lucky folks from the Northwest converged on my studio for Gary’s fact-filled, humorous day.


Gary has a deeply whimsical, treeish wisdom, as if Mark Twain and Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture, had had a love child. He does look a bit like Twain, doesn’t he?


Gary in the backyard on his seminar day. He enjoyed my mug collection. The cats enjoyed hiding his glasses. We all enjoyed his teaching.


Maestro Wood often led 50 ft. ‘field trips’ out into the grounds when he wanted to point out something on a tree.


It was a great fun day! We’re all still nibbling on your thought-provoking presentation. Thanks Gary-

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  1. Jeffrey Robson says:

    I’ve been to two of his seminars at Cass Bonsai outside St; Louis and they are two of the best and informative discussions I’ve been at and I heartily agree with Michael’s comments. Gary is a fastening and enlightening teacher. I’d sit with him anytime.

  2. john says:

    Gary’s ability to share years of knowledge in his friendly easy going manner is worth his weight in gold. Looking forward to his next visit to Mike’s place for another session with Professor Wood.

  3. Neil Brown says:

    like to chat with Gary sometime…Sound like a real wizard…
    Neil old Bonsai man on the mountain & at the Beach!

  4. Louie says:

    Nice pic of your little horde of chojubai in training while on the ‘field trip’ …!

  5. Wood says:

    Sir Hawthorne, thank you and Bobby for a wonderful trip! It was great fun and the group was fun! I appreciate the opportunity.

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