Bonsai Shuttle Service Gets Rolling-

Well, it is a pretty darn big place. Bonsai Mirai has just announced something we’ve been lacking in the United States, and that is a yearly jaunt moving bonsai and bonsai related items around the country on wheels, hither and yon!


I don’t see Chelsea in that old photo, perhaps she’s in the wagon, but I think that might be Ryan up on the horse. He’s an old soul and has been around a while. They were working on a draft of the following letter back then, on an old typewriter. It ran out of ink for about 150 years and they’ve just completed it, which I copy here for anyone interested in this valuable service, now gas-powered:

Bonsai Mirai is proud to announce The Covered Wagon, the first bi-coastal bonsai shipping service in America.  Until now, private gardens have been limited by what could be packed in a box and shipped.  Sadly, those voyages often end badly for trees.  Deadwood breaks.  A box is delayed and a tree is left in the cold.  Trees suffer and even die.  The Covered Wagon provides reliable delivery that aims to enable enthusiasts to expand their personal collections and to close the distance between America’s bonsai communities. 
The Covered Wagon will take two trips each year, spring and fall, to deliver trees, pots, soil, and other bonsai accoutrement from East to West and West to East. With The Wagon expertly packed and drivers who are well-trained on tree care, your tree will enjoy a safe and quick ride to its final destination.
The inaugural Covered Wagon will roll out of Portland, OR on May 5, 2014, make several stops along a northern route, and end its eastward journey in New York. An East to West route is currently unplanned, but if you have a need for something to be delivered in that direction, let us know and we will see if we get enough orders to plan an East to West Wagon.  
If you have a tree or something else that you need moved and would like to reserve space on The Wagon, please click on the this link to complete a request form.  We’ll get back to you with a shipping quote and confirm your delivery.  If you don’t live near any of the scheduled stops, if you have an East to West delivery need,  if you’d like to reserve space on the Fall Covered Wagon, or if you think of a shipping need that you’d like to bring to our attention, please email
Again, fill out this delivery request form if you’d like to have something shipped.
Let’s get bonsai moving, America.
Very Truly Yours,
Ryan & Chelsea Neil



  1. kevin stoeveken says:

    what are the scheduled stops on the maiden voyage ???
    arbor arts collective

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