New Long-Term Apprentice at Crataegus Bonsai

Bobby entered the ranks of indentured servitude this week. After certifying he could eat Mexican food indefinitely and showing an aptitude for weeding with tweezers, we made it official. The tradeoff being he teaches me about Pandora and other things useful to know in the 21st Century. Yay! But seriously, I hope to share more postings about Bobby in the future to chart his progress in studying here over the next few years.

Robert Curttright comes from Nebraska and now lives in Portland, Oregon. His background includes deep experience in public aquariums where he had a specialty in seahorses. His light but serious demeanor, attention to detail, and solid work ethic will be a great benefit to this bonsai yard. Welcome Bobby!





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  1. john says:

    A CornHusker who likes Mexican food. He can’t be too bad. But does he like microbrew beer?

  2. Congrats Bobby, I look forward to your progress!

  3. Bobby showed up to make poopoo balls last month and then again at the Portland Nursery thing we did. Nice fellow. I think he’s going to fit in just fine.

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