Amazing New Art from ‘Colossal’-

Sometimes, as a few of you long-term Crataegus blog readers know, I will invite you down a sharp left turn and show some art that is going on outside the bonsai world. One of the more inspirational sites I know is Colossal, and I’ve included a few of the recent works featured there, here. This fellow posts so often it is hard to keep up. Meet the wonderful world of Colossal:

Colossal is a Webby-nominated blog that explores art, design, and photography, with a focus on work that is non-digital in nature. Each week you’ll find roughly 20-25 posts on photography, design, animation, painting, installation art, architecture, drawing and street art. There are frequently posts about things far out in left field, but generally Colossal is a reminder that in this digital age there are still countless people making incredible work with their bare hands.

Totally cool. I love artists who still work with their bare hands… the first is a crazy photo of someone feeding swans, the second were paste-on-the-wall-signs (not digital images), a dude that trudged through the snow to create huge designs, nude dance photography, and the one that would totally freak me out—people testing their fear of heights in this shockingly cool installation. Find out the whole stories about these and many others on Colossal- including the one of a submerged bonsai…











  1. Juan Andrade says:

    Nude Body Photography reminds of juniper shari … is that normal? 😉

  2. Graham says:

    Interesting and different, thanks ……as I now have a new screen saver 🙂

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