Old White Pine Rewiring

Not something we see every day in the United States… a meter-high seedling white pine. Meaning, a white pine on it’s own roots, not grafted onto black pine. Originally imported from Brussell’s Bonsai, this pine has been gaining strength and balance every year. I think I first styled it in 2008.

One of it’s few defects is a strong root on the right. I’ll have to discuss this with my client, but I may split it and lower it, at the same time raising the entire tree by half an inch next time it’s repotted. That way I hope to expose some of the other nebari roots and make them all at about the same level. Did that make any sense? Splitting the root will make two roots…and easier to lower.

Anyhow, here’s the tree as it looks this fall:

Seedling Japanese white pine, shikoku variety, before rewiring in fall 2011.

After wiring. The shoots still show quite a bit of strength so it will not be repotted for another year.


  1. Very helpful. Particularly the info on japanese maples and the treatment of the problem

  2. Jose L. Rodriguez Macias says:


    This tree is very beautiful. I really like the softness of the needles of the seedling variety, when compared to the Setsu Goyo (grafted). Also, great idea about splitting the roots. The transition of the tachiagari will be a lot smoother.

    I know you plan on repotting this tree in a years time. Will you likely choose another container? The reason I ask is that this one is a bit heavy and stiff. Maybe an oval or a rectangle with outwardlips might suit it better, Just a thought…..

    Warm regards,

    Jose Luis

    • crataegus says:

      Yes, another container is an option. I’d not mind seeing it in something that is like what you suggest, such as a lip possibly. It is not quite the right pot, I agree.

  3. Wali Haq says:

    How did you achieve rounded Apex after wiring (last image)? Did you cut-off any longer needles to shape?

    • crataegus says:

      The tree had a lot of fine wires on it by the last image, and the top of the tree, the apex branchlets, were curved so that they would be shorter. In that way all shoots could be used. Bending and curving the twigs to compact the design in the apex. No needles were cut.

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  3. […] not this one. It was grown from seed and is, as you can see, quite impressive. It was just wired (in this photo) by Michael Hagedorn (Crataegus Bonsai.) It belongs to a client of […]

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