Kokufu white pine

Actually we don’t know if this tree will get into this year’s Kokufu show, but a client of Suzuki’s did request we try. I was given the task of wiring it for the show. I enjoyed this small tree. It is not ancient, but I had fun giving it a sort of modern feeling. The last photo is of Matt Reel and Yusuke one night when we were all working late in the workshop.

White pine before wiring

White pine after wiring

Matt and Yusuke at the workshop. We were all working on white pines that night, getting them ready for the Kokufu.


  1. Al Polito says:

    Beautiful pine! What did you spray on the foliage to make it so bright in the “after” picture? 😉

    Seriously, that’s an amazing before-and-after.

  2. Marc says:

    Great job preparing this tree!!! I really admire its character and features after your wiring and styling. Its compact dynamic form is unique, I hope the judges recognize this.
    How long did you work on it to achieve this image?

    • crataegus says:

      This was about 9 hours of work. I tend to slow down with Kokufu work, as the work has to be really neat and I spend more time checking for balance. It is hard to get into the Kokufu!

  3. Andrew Kasper says:

    Was the white pine growing in a pond basket and sat down in that pot? Or, was that screening used above the pot to hold the soil in? Andrew

  4. Tyler Sherrod says:

    Great work Michael, the tree looks very nice! I can see what you mean by a “modern feeling,” it looks very sleek to me. I like that. Good luck, I hope it will be accepted for the show. I will be at Kokufu this year for the first time so I will keep an eye out for it.

  5. backcountrydan says:

    Great work Michael! I almost asked you if it made Kokufu… but realized I have the book (85). It looks great! (Page 253 for anyone looking.) I like the pot choice too.

  6. Phil Sneyd says:

    Any more photos of the tree Matt is working on above. Really beautiful!

  7. Jesse Strong says:

    Is that Yusuke Hamamoto?

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