Youtube ‘Bonsai Music’ hilarity…

Although I can’t completely agree with the ethics here, this is wacky fun video of a musician playing around with a bonsai…  I suspect my teacher would be horrified that I laughed when watching it.

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  1. Tim Gardner says:

    Micheal, I have to admit that I enjoyed this one as well.

  2. lee says:

    Normally i give a full attention and concentration when i read any article about bonsai. it is because bonsai is art and need a deep undestanting to make it succesfull. But this wonderful video is out of my expectation about bonsai. appearantly, sometimes bonsai can be a wonderful music. Thanks bro. Really enjoy everytime to hear it. ha ha…

  3. Owen Wightman says:

    I thought it was hysterical! What a clever man. Mother Nature abuses trees more than this gentleman. If you could only see the abuse some of my trees are getting from all this snow.

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