Seattle accent plant expedition…

My study group in Seattle went out on a field trip to collect native accent plants. These photos document our adventure into the wilds:

The excellent Peter Chapman,  demonstrating the saw technique that  we’ve been working so hard to  perfect…

The fierce Peter and the indomitable Elsa Durham in saw kumite…

The intrepid Grant Rauzi with a licorice fern, deftly separated from a log with a saw…

The total take of accents,  including licorice fern,  coral berry, and red  huckleberry…

Potted: Licorice fern growing on a rotted piece of wood, with moss temporarily attached with raffia.

And another licorice fern  found growing on rotting  log, planted in a pot with  kanuma.

Wiring aficionado Joyce Tsuji with a black pine in the second Seattle study group, with our koi expert Dick Benbow, engaged in the first styling of an Englemann spruce…

And the noble students  Ruth Chaus and John Muth, determinedly  applying copper to their  conifers…

Happy accent plant hunting everyone,



  1. Grant says:

    Great pics & weekend memories Mike! You captured my “deftness” in the rain forest despite the rain! Where’s Yoda?

  2. Jelipe says:

    This Seattle group really know how to have fun!.. 🙂
    nice working place and nice trees…

  3. Janet Roth says:

    Michael – it seems you all are having entirely too much fun up there!

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