Studio Progress!

A couple photos of the studio from this week. Hopefully get the roof on this coming week before the rains start! It has been an absorbing project. I have been hiring a contractor friend on an hourly basis just to educate me, and I’ve been doing the work. He’s very encouraging when I voice fears of making a mistake, offering such perceptive quips as: ‘It’s only wood. And it’s stupider than we are!’


studio progress2


  1. Ben G says:

    This looks great Micheal. The comment about woods intelligence level… that’s a great way to look at it; takes away the intimidation factor.

    I am undertaking a complete overhaul of my folks deck and to think I was originally going to replace a “board or two”. Now I have a few new tools and lots of valuable experience. So on some level I can relate to the experience.

    I have a friend who commented recently about the things I get really into all have to do with wood. I guess I just love wood…even if it is stupid.

    Good luck on your project


  2. Ed Imholt says:

    Hi Mike do you have any updated pictures of your studio?


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